Sunday, August 10, 2008

A Reunion Tribute - In Memory of Classmates

Late last night (Saturday), I decided to put up a page honoring our deceased classmates, While we are aware of only two, several of our other classes at CHS have lost more than we have. We hope you will visit the page that honors our two deceased classmates, read the lyrics from John Lennon and Paul McCartney and think about these two wonderful individuals and the good times we enjoyed.

Putting it another way, it's been 25 years since we graduated. We all had differences, we all felt different about each other and certain things. On September 19 and 20th, lets all come together and be thankful for one another, erase those old bonds and chains, and be thankful we have this opportunity to come together, relive the past, renew friendships and rekindle old ones eroded by the past. I am sure our classmates that have gone on would want the same thing. The page can viewed here.


Anonymous said...

How appropriate to put "In my Life". The words has so much meaning. I wish the whole world could think that way. Keep up the great work. As for Jean and Mike, they'll always be in our heart. Many of us went to school with them for 1st grade up.
Gary Large

Pamela Branham Horne said...

Roderick, how very nice that was. Thank you for honoring their memory. Pam Branham Horne

Anonymous said...

Good people who have been and will be missed. I remember Jean Lee beating me in the mile run in 5th grade. I also remember Mikey being the fastest kid in class for a number of years in elementary school. Roderick it was very thoughtful for you to do this. Thanks....see ya'll soon.
Mike Rife

CHS Class of 1983 Reunion said...

There's so many great memories about Jean and Michael. Jean who was such a tomboy and could play "boy" sports with the best of them. I remember Michael being quiet, always looking like he meant business but was a great person to talk to once you got to know him. I most of all miss Jean's smile.

Roderick Mullins

Ivan Fleming said...

Thank you for honoring Mikey and Jean with this page! I, along with other classmates, are glad we shared time with these two wonderful people! They will be missed.


Ivan Fleming

Anonymous said...

Roderick,It's great that everyone can stop and look back at the good times we all had .Some had their ups and downs.JEAN & MIKE will be sadly missed esp. there smile's. Thank's for thinking of their memory. PATRICIA S. CARTYi

Anonymous said...

My loving, sweet baby cousin went to be with our Lord this morning. Gary Neal Large was not only my cousin but my friend. He was 44 years old and fought a fight with Lupus for many years. He always thought of his parents before himself. Gary loved his nieces and nephews beyond measure. He was the Green Wave Fan of all time. I know his blood ran "green"! He will be remembered by his family as the glue that kept our side of the family together after the passing of my Daddy and Uncle Woody. He and I had planned a trip to visit our 1st cousins in Maryland. Now they will come here to say their goodbyes to him. Please respect his immediate family by not posting nonsense and insensitive questions. He succumbed to Lupus in the form of meningitis and pneumonia. Those are the facts. Please remember his family in the most difficult time of their lives.